Victoria Kennison – Principal

vickiVicki is a premier Recruiting and Placement Expert. She is a “make it happen” individual that endeavors to help Candidates make a solid, intelligent career move and help Companies make smart, lasting hires.

She graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, with a BS in Education. After a successful career in sales, Vicki found her real love in the Placement Industry. She has earned the Certified Personnel Consultant, CPC designation and continues to study and be well versed in employment issues.

Vicki is intelligent, creative, and has extraordinary work habits. She has the energy and dedication to work until the search is complete. This explains why Vicki has been incredibly successful as a consultant and has closed hundreds of placements over her career. With over 25 years of placement experience she has an in-depth knowledge of the markets. She knows the needs of companies and understands how they work. She also has empathy with candidates realizing they need to enjoy their work to be most productive. She knows that hiring is a process and will be with you every step of the way. Even in today’s confused employment market Vicki still holds honesty, integrity and professionalism foremost.

Vicki is extremely enthusiastic. If you want to brighten your day just give her a call!

Gary Fawkes – Principal

GaryGary strives to earn the trust and confidence of both Employers and Candidates.

After fulfilling his military obligation in the US Army he earned a BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. This launched his career in the IT arena where he rapidly propelled himself to a Vice President role of a large conglomerate in Wichita, Kansas. The exposure of working with over 150 diversified companies allowed Gary to learn a lot about the inner workings and needs of most businesses.

Gary then spent 10 years as an investment banker advising institutions and individuals on financial matters and investments.

These collective experiences convinced him there is a common thread present in very successful companies – that thread was intelligent, extremely qualified and highly motivated employees. That observation drew Gary to the Personnel Placement business.

Gary has been influential in the lives of hundreds of candidates and employers. He approaches the Personnel Placement process pragmatically. By helping both parties in a successful match, he has helped Candidates make good career choices and has helped Employers secure top notch Employees. This is a truly win-win situation and is quite gratifying and rewarding.

Gary has earned the Certified Personnel Consultant, CPC designation. With over 35 years of experience in the personnel placement business he is a proven expert in the field, and you can trust him to be the professional you deserve and expect.

Gary and Vicki complement each other quite well.
Both are involved in each and every placement and are committed to get the job done.