Frequently asked questions

FAQs from Candidates

Who pays the fee?
All fees are paid by the client company.
How do you keep my job search in confidence?
There is never an ironclad guarantee. We do however use the utmost care to protect the candidate's and for that matter, the client’s confidentiality. We present the candidate to the client verbally and unnamed first. It is only when the client agrees to interview the candidate that we reveal his/her name and place of employment. Obviously, at this point the “cat is out of the bag.”
Why do I have to be interviewed by the recruiter? Why can’t you just use my resume?
Candidates are our products. The more product knowledge we have the better job we can do in marketing and selling a candidate to the employer. This interview also helps us discover what positions will be right for the candidate.

FAQs from Employers

We don’t have time to give you the details of what we are looking for. Just look at our ad or Website and read it! Okay?
We want to earn our fee and do the very best job possible. We need to spend enough time with you to learn about the interviewing process, the company culture, personality, the knock outs, the absolute “must haves” and the things that are on the wish list but you can live without, etc. This time will be well spent. It saves a lot of wasted time that can be avoided if we have complete knowledge of your needs.
Why should I engage Sterling St. James? I am already using five or six other recruiting firms.
We think Sterling St. James’ reputation speaks for itself. The two principals, Victoria Kennison and Gary Fawkes, have over 50 years of combined experience in the personnel placement business. We are effective. We have made hundreds of successful matches and many have lasted 20 years or longer. Employers many times make a mistake believing that because they gave the job specs to a placement firm that they are working to fill it. That simply isn’t true. For various reasons your search may be “on the back burner” and may unfortunately be gathering dust. Your search is very important to a smaller firm like Sterling St. James. We can assign your position a “priority status.”


Whether you are an employer or a candidate, email your questions or concerns to Gary. He’ll try to answer those questions within 48 hours.