We are an experienced placement firm that offers a proven approach to the hiring process. Even though the employer pays our fee, we equally serve the candidate. We genuinely believe that if a position isn’t right for the candidate it won’t be right for the employer, so we strive to make placements that are in the best interest of both parties.

We Want This To Be A Good Career Move

We take the time to know each candidate. Candidates are our product so the more product knowledge we have the better we are at matching and selling them to an employer.

1. Preliminary Screen – First we screen them by reviewing their resumes and other documents. We approach the screening process differently than an employer, who screens with the objective of ruling candidates out. As a professional placement firm, we screen with the objective of ruling them in.

2. First Interview – Next we contact the candidate for a preliminary interview. We want to clear up any questions we might have about the information on their resumes and we request they sign and return a simple authorization form giving us permission to talk with their references. We keep all of this in guarded confidence. We also set a time for a more detailed interview.

3. In Depth Interview and Fact Finding – After receiving the signed authorization we spend an hour, or whatever time is necessary to learn more about the candidate. It is impossible to know a multi-dimensional individual by looking at a single dimension piece of paper. We explore subjects like relocation interest, personality, working environment, strengths and weaknesses (we all have them) and any areas that need improvement. Salary requirements and benefit expectations are frankly discussed. This is an in-depth interview that is intended to help us learn what qualifications a candidate has (education, skills, experience, aspirations, frustrations and personal situations) and most importantly, what the candidate wants in a new position so we can make a good match for a career move.

4. Action – If a candidate has applied for a specific position, we certainly review that possibility for a match. During the interview we may determine the candidate would be better suited for other positions.

5. Not Forgotten – If there is nothing currently available we will keep the candidate in mind for future openings – you are never lost in a black hole.

We are always available for advice and consultation.