We are an experienced placement firm that offers a proven approach to the hiring process. Even though the employer pays our fee, we equally serve the candidate. We genuinely believe that if a position isn’t right for the candidate it won’t be right for the employer, so we strive to make placements that are in the best interest of both parties.

How We Make It Happen

1. Company Analysis – We take the time to get to know your business needs, management styles, culture and philosophies.

2. Position Analysis – We create a candidate profile to include education and skills requirements, what is expected of the candidate, what a typical day is like, what personality type makes the best fit and identify the salary range and compensation package of the position.

3. Candidate Selection – We conduct a meticulous search and evaluation of candidates and eliminate any not qualified. We fine-tune the list through interviews and reference checks. We analyze personalities, education, skills, backgrounds, experience, salary requirements, and their interest in your position.

4. Candidate Recommendations – We recommend the top 2-3 highly qualified candidates for the position.

5. Interview Process – We arrange and coordinate all interviews. After the interview we debrief each candidate and immediately make you aware of his or her impression and interest in your opportunity. If you eliminate the candidate we will notify him or her tactfully, preserving their good feelings about you and your firm.

6. Negotiations – On your behalf, we professionally negotiate the salary, benefits and starting time, then we extend the offer and get an acceptance. We continually monitor the candidate to avoid counter offers and other conflicts that could affect the candidate coming on board.

7. Transition – We continue to monitor the new employee for a few months after they start with your firm. These are critical times for new employees, and we want to make sure everything is okay from their viewpoint. We follow up with you to make sure the employee is performing as expected.