Robotic Systems Engineer

Location: Waterloo, IA

Job Title: Robotic Systems Engineer

Location: Waterloo, IA

Salary: $80-110K

Job Summary:

The Robotic Systems Engineer is responsible for the development of new processes and equipment in the production of existing products. They design and fabricate test fixtures and ensure the production of cost-effective and high-quality products. This role also troubleshoots machinery and provides expertise in tooling, equipment, and machinery engineering. The Robotic Systems Engineer accurately estimates product costs and monitors project schedules.


- Strong knowledge of material strength, manufacturing processes, and electrical/pneumatic controls

- Experience in obtaining quote requests for capital expenditures and maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers

- Ability to write and update manufacturing processes and assist in product design


- Serve as technical expert in assembly processes, automatic assembly technology, and lean principles

- Design and oversee installation of production tools and fixtures to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability

- Manage projects and ensure adherence to budgets and government requirements

- Analyze and calculate feasibility of production projects to reduce costs while maintaining quality

- Program and maintain programmable controllers and machines used in manufacturing processes

- Ensure compliance with quality and environmental management systems

- Train plant personnel on operation and maintenance of equipment

- Maintain documentation and information related to manufacturing processes

- Utilize Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies to improve efficiency

- Set manufacturing standards and provide input on cost-reduced products

- Ensure safety, efficiency, reliability, and capability in department production processes

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