Instrumentation and Control Technician

Location: Barstow, CA


We are seeking an experienced Instrumentation and Control Technician to maintain the power plant and associated equipment at our Barstow, CA location. In this role, you will adhere to safety procedures and guidelines while providing support services for remote and local measuring and indicating equipment. You will perform calibration, tap cleaning, equipment inspection, repair, and testing/troubleshooting. Additionally, you will ensure the proper operation of control valves and provide technical guidance to various departments and facilities as needed. Training and guiding less experienced maintenance personnel are also important aspects of this position.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned as needed)

§ Adhere to and comply with all company safety and environmental policies and practices. Ensure all employees, contractors, and visitors follow safety guidelines.

 +Understand and follow proper procedures for handling hazardous waste streams.

+Perform corrective, predictive, and preventive maintenance on instrumentation equipment as directed. Keep records, reports, and a daily log.

+Diagnose instrument malfunctions and failures of associated operational equipment.

+Plan, direct, or record periodic instrumentation testing. Recommend or initiate modification or replacement of equipment that does not meet operating standards.

+Test, calibrate, and repair control valves and associated components.

+Develop instrument diagrams, layout drawings, and engineering specifications for system or equipment modification or expansion.

+Oversee installation of instrumentation by third-party contractors.

+Maintain cleanliness and safety of the plant area, shop equipment, tools, and grounds.

+Take immediate corrective action during emergencies to minimize safety hazards, damage, or downtime to the plant and equipment.

+Monitor and perform maintenance work as required. This includes disassembly, repair, and assembly of equipment, calibration, and troubleshooting.

+Operate heavy equipment such as forklifts, cranes, man lifts, machine tools, and instrumentation test equipment during maintenance work.

+Read, interpret, and implement technical information from drawings, manufacturer’s data, and operating and maintenance procedures.

+Document equipment problems, write work orders, instructions, and maintenance repair requests. Issue clearances for safety. Maintain a log of open and closed clearances.

+Train and improve personal skills and the skills of co-workers. Provide technical guidance, supervision, and hands-on training in instrumentation.




Preferred: High school diploma or GED; completion of technical or vocational training, including an accredited instrumentation apprenticeship program; 3-4 years of related power plant maintenance experience.

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical equipment.
  • Understanding of system construction, capacities, limitations, and operating procedures.
  • Familiarity with plant design, equipment locations, and valve configurations.
  • Knowledge of complex instrumentation and automatic control systems.
  • Safe use of tools, plant safety rules, and causes of equipment malfunctions.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical test equipment and troubleshooting.
  • Basic to intermediate computer skills in word-processing, spreadsheet, and database software.
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