Second/Third Shift Maintenance Technician

Location: Jackson, TN
The Maintenance Technician is responsible for the maintenance of production and facilities equipment in Jackson, TN. They will perform preventive, predictive, project, and reactive maintenance services on all machines and equipment according to the specific configurations of the plant. This position is available for both second and third shifts, with flexible start and stop times.
  • Preferred experience in PLC programming with required reboot experience
  • Preferred experience in robotics programming with required reboot and reprogram experience
  • Must have the ability to arrive on time for shifts and work responsibly
  • Overtime eligibility
Job Responsibilities:
  • Perform maintenance tasks including preventive, predictive, project, and reactive maintenance
  • Communicate the need for essential spare parts
  • Maintain the manuals library for production and facilities equipment
  • Maintain up-to-date equipment history
  • Maintain adequate training to perform maintenance tasks effectively
Mechanical Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Utilize the Proteus computerized maintenance management system for work scheduling, obtaining replacement spare parts, and recording equipment history
  • Observe mechanical devices in operation and use senses and devices to identify repair needs
  • Collaborate with maintenance staff to diagnose and repair machines
  • Inspect and test machinery and equipment
  • Listen for unusual sounds and discuss machine operation with supervisors or other maintenance workers to diagnose problems
  • Dismantle equipment to access and replace components
  • Diagnose and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components
  • Operate testing devices, welders, drill press, grinders, and other tools
  • Clean and maintain HVAC and air compressor coils
  • Clean and lubricate machinery parts
  • Replace damaged components as necessary
  • Clean, lubricate, and adjust equipment according to schedule
  • Test repaired devices for performance
  • Inspect, clean, lubricate, and repair truck loading dock plates
  • Replace electric motor bearings and rewire motors
  • Test and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components
  • Repair and maintain the production facility
Facilities Electrical Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Inspect and repair electrical apparatus, transformers, wiring, and electrical and electronic components
  • Inspect and test equipment such as transformers, motors, controls, and lighting fixtures
  • Inspect and repair or replace faulty electrical components
Facilities Professional Responsibilities:
  • Report completed tasks to team leaders and supervisors
  • Report faulty conditions found during equipment evaluations to Maintenance Coordinator and Technicians
  • Other duties may be assigned
  • Associate degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Ability to read and interpret documents
  • Ability to write reports and correspondence
  • Effective verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of Office applications
  • May be required to operate powered industrial trucks and other equipment
  • Preferred experience in Allen Bradley PLC programming
  • Strong mechanical and electrical experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
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