Engineering Drafter

Location: Warrensville Heights, OH

Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Description:

Design unique machinery for customer applications to enhance manufacturing operations. Engineers develop solutions for specific problems, create machinery using SolidWorks, oversee manufacturing processes, select components, conduct system testing, troubleshoot issues, and ensure proper installation at customer's site.

Machinery systems often include frame structures, motors, pumps, shafts, bearings, hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors, electrical panels, wiring, and enclosures. Our in-house developed computer controls and programming effectively manage the customer's process. Mechanical engineers collaborate with Electrical and Controls Engineering team members to seamlessly integrate the complete system.

Engineers oversee projects from design to installation, including fabrication, assembly, testing, and installation. Relevant coursework in machine design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, strength of materials, material science, kinematics, and dynamics provides the necessary background.

Practical experience in building or repairing machinery (e.g. farm equipment, automobiles, motorcycles) can demonstrate practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems, as well as creative problem-solving skills.

Our team of experienced and innovative design engineers fosters a collaborative atmosphere for idea generation, problem-solving, and feedback within the design group. As a result, entry-level designers quickly gain the knowledge required for success.


- Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

- Proficiency in SolidWorks

- Practical hands-on experience with machinery and welding equipment

- Ability to manage complex projects, creatively solve unexpected design and manufacturing problems, work effectively in a collaborative team environment, and communicate with customers' engineering and technical personnel.

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