Mechanical Heat Transfer Sales Engineer

Location: Richfield, WI
Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Sales Estimating Application Engineer
  • The ideal candidate should possess a four-year engineering degree, along with two or more years of experience in industrial sales application engineering. Additionally, a minimum of five years of mechanical engineering experience is required.
  • Successful candidates should enjoy interacting with customers over the phone, as approximately 30% of their time will be spent engaging in phone conversations with customers, averaging twenty to twenty-five calls daily.
  • Compensation for this position ranges from $65,000 to $80,000.
  • Applicants must be either United States citizens or Green Card holders.
  • This is not a remote position; it is full-time and on-site.
  • The position offered is permanent, rendering the selected individual a W-2 employee.
  • The successful candidate will be entitled to full benefits.
  • Relocation assistance will not be provided.
  • The job location is in the Richfield, Wisconsin area.
This is a rewarding and secure career opportunity for a full-time, permanent Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Sales Quoting Application Engineer at a highly regarded industrial manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly products aimed at reducing pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and costs. Their products are highly valuable, paying for themselves within a year and lasting for twenty years or more. Unprecedented in its 40-year history, the company has never resorted to layoffs. Employees are treated with great respect, encouraged to work collaboratively, and generously rewarded through various incentives. The offices are modern and pristine, and sales growth remains consistent, ensuring the company's financial stability. The manufacturing facility maintains similar standards and offers an employee-friendly, politics-free environment. The available position stems from the company's remarkable growth.
Specifically, the sales applications engineering process is facilitated by industry-specific, web-based engineering software. The software streamlines the process, enabling customers to input their data online, after which the software automatically generates quotes, proposals, and follow-ups. This allows Sales Application Engineers to focus on finding the best product solutions for customers. The software guarantees that customers receive quotes and proposals within just fifteen minutes of providing their information. No travel is required for this position. The main responsibilities of the role are as follows:
The main responsibilities of the role are as follows:
  • Devoting 30% of working time to engaging in phone conversations (averaging twenty to twenty-five calls daily)
  • Applying engineering expertise to assess the suitability of the company's products
  • Investigating customer requirements and addressing their needs
  • Resolving customer problems as they arise
  • Utilizing the software throughout the entire sales process
  • Analyzing customer needs and presenting appropriate alternative proposals to the company's sales professionals
  • Communicating with customers via telephone, email, and virtual platforms

Previous experience in heat transfer would be advantageous. The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • A Bachelor's degree in engineering
  • At least five years of mechanical engineering experience
  • A preference for and comfort with engaging in phone conversations with customers
  • A strong aptitude for mechanical-related tasks
  • At least two years of experience in industrial sales
  • A solid and consistent employment history
  • A US citizenship or Green Card holder status
  • A residence located within a 45-minute drive of the job location
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