Healthcare Payroll Administrator

Location: Warden, WA
Title: Payroll Administrator in a Healthcare Setting
Location: Warden, WA
Are you interested in working for a healthcare organization that strives to achieve the best outcomes for the community? Our motto is "All of us, for each of you, every time."
Would you like to reside in an area surrounded by a vast freshwater lake that boasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year? The community has a population of around 25,000, while our facility serves approximately 77,000 individuals. You'll find a small airport, a university, and a diverse range of amenities to cater to everyone's preferences.
Located in Central Washington, this region is known as a Desert Oasis with four distinct seasons and over 330 days of sunshine per year.
If this sounds like the change you're seeking, please continue reading...
What We're Seeking:
An associate degree in accounting or a related field is required, with a preference for candidates with a bachelor's degree.
Applicants must have a minimum of four years of experience in payroll, HR, or accounting, along with knowledge of HRIS and financial systems.
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and web-based applications is essential.
We are looking for someone with strong communication and interpersonal skills who can effectively interpret and educate others on payroll regulations.
Having a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification would be advantageous.
Hours and Compensation:
This is a full-time position located on-site. The salary ranges from $58,000 to $76,000 per year, depending on experience.
Employees will receive a comprehensive benefits package, which includes relocation assistance of up to $5,000.
In your role as a Payroll Administrator, you will play a critical part in ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.
Under the guidance of the Controller, you will oversee payroll functions, manage employee benefit plans, and collaborate with the Human Resources Department.
Key Duties:
Ensure accurate and compliant processing of bi-weekly payroll, adhering to labor contracts, organizational policies, and regulatory requirements.
Input and review payroll data, addressing any errors through necessary adjustments.
Collaborate with the Human Resources Department to address payroll-related matters and ensure policy compliance.
Reconcile quarterly and annual tax reports, guaranteeing the accuracy of W-2 forms.
Maintain employee records and update the HRIS system with pertinent payroll information.
Act as the Timekeeping System Administrator, coordinating with vendors and other departments to ensure proper system functionality.
Maintain the confidentiality of personnel records and adhere to organizational policies and procedures.
Additional Information:
This position is solely focused on overseeing payroll for the entire organization. We utilize Premier ERP, UKG, and WFD (a timecard platform). Familiarity with Premier is preferred.
We have recently commenced the construction of a new hospital, which is scheduled for completion in two years. This presents an opportunity for growth and development.
Join our team and embark on a rewarding career in payroll administration. Make a meaningful impact on the lives of our employees and community members while enjoying the natural beauty and sunshine of Central Washington. Apply today!
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