Industrial Engineer

Location: Wichita, KS

POSITION PURPOSE: Process Engineer

Provide assistance in resolving operational issues at production facilities and develop cost-effective solutions. Generate design packages, equipment specifications, and update P&IDs to reflect any changes. Support project management efforts by ensuring project timelines are met.


  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of processes related to customer information dissemination.
  • Conduct research to enhance and innovatively improve ethanol manufacturing processes, including the development of P&IDs and equipment specifications.
  • Create material and energy balances for new and evolving processes with guidance from senior engineers.
  • Design, plan layout, and assist customers in constructing, controlling, and enhancing equipment necessary for industrial-scale ethanol processes.
  • Analyze operating procedures, equipment, and machinery to minimize processing time and costs.
  • Create processes to efficiently manage the movement and storage of solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Design and plan measurement and control systems for ethanol plants based on collected data from laboratory experiments, pilot plant operations, and industrial-scale operations.
  • Decide on the most effective arrangement of unit operations, considering process requirements, economic evaluation, operator efficiency, and safety hazards.
  • Lead the activities of workers responsible for operating and controlling equipment such as condensers, evaporators, pumps, columns, heat exchangers, valves, tanks, boilers, compressors, pipelines, and centrifuges, in order to achieve the required chemical or physical changes.
  • Conduct tests and measurements throughout various stages of production to assess the level of control over variables such as temperature, density, specific gravity, and pressure.
  • Apply chemical engineering principles to address environmental concerns.

Education: A bachelor's degree in chemical engineering is required.

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