Product Development Engineer

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Product Development Engineer

Position: Product Development Engineer


This role is responsible for managing an assigned product family and acting as the technical focal point within the organization. The position involves designing, developing, and maintaining the product or product family. The individual will ensure that application data efficiently supports sales/marketing and production procedures, utilizing materials and personnel effectively. They will also test the finished product for quality and performance, and recommend changes to product specifications as needed. The role requires experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, and entails a variety of tasks. Creativity and latitude are expected.


The Product Development Engineer is primarily responsible for managing a product family as a 'Product Manager'. They must have business acumen related to the global market and understand the industries (Chemical, Mining, etc.) served by the product family. Collaboration with sales & marketing is essential to understand the product-market scope and growth options. The individual should be aware of customer expectations and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the product. They will contribute to effective product designs that meet or exceed market expectations, aligned with the objectives of the organization.

The Product Development Engineer will set design standards, perform hydraulic and mechanical analysis, and provide consultation for the design of components that will be manufactured. They will be responsible for design and development engineering for new products, product extensions or enhancements, and product cost management. They will lead and direct project activities from concept to design, validation, and testing. In addition, they will ensure that the technical aspects of business and sales/marketing systems are complete and accurate, supporting the value delivery system. The individual will also ensure that the department utilizes the latest technology for optimal design and process improvements.

In this role, the Product Development Engineer is responsible for several aspects that contribute to the strategic mission of the organization.

  • Maintain existing products by staying informed about field and manufacturing/supplier issues, identifying opportunities for product improvement and expansion, understanding industry trends and their impact on product designs, and finding ways to enhance the product's competitive position.
  • Influence the cost of product development, sustainment, and enhancement efforts.
  • Conduct and review mechanical analyses on pump components, systems, and special designs.
  • Conduct and review hydraulic analyses as necessary.

  • Recommend appropriate material selections based on the customer's operating environment and challenging applications.
  • Create and maintain standard bills of material for the product family.
  • Ensure the department utilizes the latest technology and identify training needs for individuals.
  • Ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of drawings and documentation.
  • Maintain standards and adhere to established policies and practices. Develop new or updated standards and procedures when necessary
  • Collaborate with internal functional groups, customers, and sales representatives. Negotiate design changes to gain consensus from all groups.
  • Support prototype testing and product validation.
  • Assist field service in troubleshooting problems as needed.
  • Ensure department compliance with the quality system.
  • Plan projects and assignments aligned with the department's schedule and objectives. Consult with management regarding constraints and capacity issues.
  • Exercise judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Act with urgency and take initiative to accomplish project objectives.
  • Other related responsibilities as assigned.


· Required: Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent, with some industrial market or B2B experience.

· Preferred: Experience operating, selecting, or designing rotating equipment such as centrifugal pumps is a plus.

· Proficient computer skills including MS Word, Excel, Access, CAD software, or similar technical software.

· Demonstrated ability to evaluate diverse situations and achieve results. Must be able to make sound business decisions while handling multiple tasks.

· Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Must be able to work independently and supervise subordinate work.

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