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Project Manager
Job Summary

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for overseeing the management and successful delivery of projects in San Diego, CA. The PM's main focus is on ensuring the project is executed within scope, schedule, and budget. They provide leadership to the project team and work closely with the Design Leader and Document Team Leader to achieve project goals. The PM regularly reports to the Managing Director to keep them informed for decision-making.

The responsibilities and project scale increase as the PM progresses to the position of Senior Project Manager (Sr. PM).

Essential Functions
Senior Project Manager:

Experience: Preferred licensure, ten or more years of experience, and a professional degree in architecture from an accredited program.

Responsibilities: Coordinate all project efforts, develop strategic plans, and serve as the primary client liaison. Estimate project scope and oversee less experienced project managers. Manage the most complex and largest projects. Ensure efficient and cost-effective execution of projects by coordinating administrative and technical aspects. Prepare proposals, contracts, and estimates. Provide oversight and guidance to less experienced project managers. May act as a team leader in the manager's absence.

Project Manager:

Experience: Preferred licensure, eight or more years of experience, and a professional degree in architecture from an accredited program.

Responsibilities: Manage multiple small to medium-sized projects, coordinate all aspects of assigned projects, and estimate project scope. Take full responsibility for managing small to midsize projects. Ensure project success by preparing strategic plans. Act as the primary client liaison to successfully complete schedules, budgets, and scope of work. Manage project communications, documentation, administrative tasks, and team assignments. Prepare proposals and contracts.

Duties and Responsibilities
Project Definition:

Gather leadership to define the project.

Work with PIC to set project budget, scope, and schedule.

Prepare, collect, and consolidate information into Project Journal.

Complete Client Agreement.

Project Planning:

Prepare project schedule/plan – establish processes, schedule, and deliverables.

Identify resources/staffing for each phase or task and duration.

Develop baseline Project Journal incorporating schedule, staffing, and projections.

Complete consultant agreements.

Project Execution:

Provide day-to-day project leadership/mentoring.

Conduct project initiation meetings.

Maintain regular project communication (hold regular team discussions/meetings and distribute and file notes). Serve as the primary point of communication between the client and the Project Team.

Support the team leadership roles of Design Leader and Document Team Leader and exercise authority to ensure that design and documentation efforts support the overall project plan (scope, schedule, and budget).

Ensure all project team members are aware of their project roles and responsibilities.

Maintain project plan (hours budgeted and resources needed), and communicate adjustments and staffing needs to the Managing Director at weekly staffing meetings.

Manage consultant performance and adherence to agreements.

Periodically review project documents and include quality assurance review processes into the project plan.

Remain an active team leader and contributor throughout the construction contract administration phase.

Financial Responsibilities:

Responsible for monthly invoicing consistent with work performed.

Monitor dollars/hours spent to ensure project cost conforms to financial parameters.

Keep team members aware of the project planned hours vs. actual hours spent and discuss deviations promptly.

Track, document, and invoice for additional services.

Provide monthly updates of billing projections, AR, schedule, and project performance.

Implement plans for correcting performance.

Act on late payments and involve PIC when payment issues become chronic.

Project Summarizing:

Assemble and distribute required project closeout data.

Complete and update project data for use by Marketing in future pursuits.

Conduct client and internal “lessons learned” sessions. Review findings with Project Team and Managing Director. Summarize findings in Project Journal.

File a copy of the completed Project Journal in the designated folder.


Prepare and present monthly reports on project progress and performance.

Monitor potential projects and coordinate with Market Sector Leaders to exchange information.

Promote new business opportunities by cultivating existing clients and new client leads.

Participate in the proposal/interview process with potential clients to secure new business opportunities.

Support new business development opportunities by providing expert knowledge of building types and management approaches and processes.

Attend building committee, client, and regulatory agency review meetings as necessary or required.

Author and maintain accurate and complete notes, minutes, project reports of meetings, telecoms, and activities. Discuss and distribute such to those involved in the project as necessary.

Responsible for submittals to local, state, and federal agencies. Review the project with building inspector, fire marshal, etc.

Assume special projects and duties as assigned or requested.

Senior Project Manager – Additional Responsibilities:

Demonstrated ability to manage complex and multi-phased projects.

May serve as Project Director (overseeing other Project Managers) or PIC (Principal In Charge - if a principal) on assigned projects.

As PIC, maintain consistent communication with PM on assigned projects to sufficiently familiarize oneself to take over basic PM roles and responsibilities when needed. Perform PIC role as described in Project Leadership Document.

Maintain regular communication with the client to monitor expectations and project team performance.

Job Requirements and Qualifications
Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or a construction-related field preferred.

Experience in project management, preferably within the construction or architectural field.

Experience with supervisory management responsibilities.

PM: 8+ years of experience.

Sr. PM: 10+ years of experience, 5+ as a PM.

Training Requirements (Licenses, Programs, or Certificates):

Professional Registration preferred.

Advanced Computer and Information Management Skills (Excel, MS Project, Vision, or similar project management programs).

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