Metal Fabricator

Location: Aston, PA
  • Experience in MIG/TIG welding techniques
  • Proficiency in 2g and 3g welding positions
  • Ability to work with either aluminum or steel materials
  • Familiarity with interpreting and comprehending blueprints
  • Responsible for sourcing necessary materials for projects
  • Precise measuring and cutting of materials according to specifications
  • Skilled in welding materials together using appropriate techniques
  • Diligent inspection of finished work to ensure adherence to blueprint tolerances
Job Responsibilities:
As a Metal Fabricator, you will be responsible for assembling metal pieces or repairing damaged metal components using heavy machinery that emits high heat to melt and shape the metal. Your tasks will include reviewing blueprints, cutting metal into the required shapes, and smoothing molten metal to eliminate imperfections.
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